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Mathematics Education In Different Cultural Traditions- A Comparative Study Of East Asia And The West

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MARGARET WU, PARK KWNGMEE & LEUNG KOON SHING FREDERICK 153 Chapter 2-1: Some Comparative Studies between French and Vietnamese Curricula ANNIE BESSOT & CLAUDE COMITI 159 Chapter 2-2: An Overview of the Mathematics Curricula in the West and East MARGARET WU & ZHANG DIANZHOU 181 Chapter 2-3: Classification and Framing of Mathematical Knowledge in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Singapore, and the United States LI YEPING & MARK B. GINSBURG 195 Chapter 2-4: Comparative Study of Arithmetic Problems in Singaporean and American Mathematics Textbooks YEAP BAN-HAR; BEVERLY J. FERRUCCI & JACK A. CARTER 2 13 Chapter 2-5: A Comparative Study of the Mathematics Textbooks of China, England, Japan, Korea, and the United States PARK KYUNGMEE & LEUNG KOON SHING FREDERICK 227 Chapter 2-6: A Comparison of Mathematics Performance between East and West: What PISA and TIMSS Can Tell Us MARGARET WU 239 Chapter 2-7: Case Studies on Mathematics Assessment Practices in Australian and Chinese Primary Schools & ZHAO DA-CHENG; JOANNE MULLIGAN MICHAEL MITCHELMORE 26 1 Chapter 2-8: Philippine Perspective on the ICMI Comparative Study BIENVENIDO F. NEBRES, S. J. 277 Section 3: Teaching and Learning - Introduction COLETTE LABORDE Chapter 3-1: The TIMSS 1995 and 1999 Video Studies JOHANNA NEUBRAND Chapter 3-2: Proposal for a Framework to Analyse Mathematics Education in Eastern and Western Traditions GABRIELE KAISER, KEIKO HINO AND CHRISTINE KNIPPING Chapter 3-3: Cultural Diversity and the Learner's Perspective: Attending to Voice and Context DAVID CLARKE, YOSHINORI SHIMIZU, SOLEDAD A. ULEP, FLORENDA L.

Peace Education In A Postmodern World

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This special issue of the Peabody Journal of Education provides a comprehensive overview of the latest developments in peace education reform. School reforms based upon principles of peace education have in common a belief in the power of peace to create a positive learning climate in schools and to address the problems of violence in the broader culture. A peace education strategy for improving school productivity rests upon three main assumptions:
1. Violence contributes to the poor performance of many students.
2. Adults in school settings need to address problems created by violence in order for schools to improve.
3. Anxieties that make it hard for students to master traditional subject matter can best be addressed by a comprehensive peace education strategy that makes school a safe place to learn and provides students with knowledge about alternative nonviolent ways to resolve conflicts.

Peace building reforms go beyond responding to immediate forms of violence that may be overwhelming students and teachers to promoting positive images of peace through the study of nonviolence. Written by established experts in the field of peace education from six different countries, this collection of articles not only represents a wide variety of peace education practices from different corners of the globe, but it also represents varying academic perspectives. Educators can play a key role in helping human societies progress toward more sustainable ways of living by implementing peacemaking, peacekeeping, and peace building strategies in school programs. Peace education reforms point to a new way of thinking about schools as vehicles for promoting a peace culture through insights offered by nonviolent theory.

Nation-building And History Education In A Global Culture

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This book examines the nexus between nation-building and history education globally and the implication for cultural diversity and social justice. It studies some of the major education reforms and policy issues in history education in a global culture, and regards them in the light of recent shifts in history education and policy research. In doing so, the volume provides a comprehensive picture of the intersecting and diverse discourses of globalisation, history education and policy-driven reforms. It makes clear that the impact of globalisation on education policy and reforms is a strategically significant issue for us all. The book focuses on the importance of nation-building and patriotism in history education, and presents up-to-date research on global trends in history education reforms and policy research. It provides an easily accessible, practical yet scholarly source of information about the international concerns in the field of globalisation, history education and policy research.


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