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The Honda Book Of Management

RRP $324.99

The original renowned account of the Honda Management System was first published in Japan in 1980. For this English translation, the book was thoroughly revised and up-dated. It serves as a key work of reference for all those in management and industry who want to know the key to Japan's industrial success and seek to emulate the meteoric rise of Mr Honda from back-street garage to transnational corporation.

First published in 1990, this title is part of the Bloomsbury Academic Collections series.

Who Was Honda?

RRP $13.99

Who was Soichiro Honda? At age 4, he dreamed about engines. His only formal education was elementary school, but he was called Edison in Hamamatsu and pursued his dream. He developed an engine with the lowest exhaust emissions. After he retired, he shook the hands of all of Honda's employees. Oh - and he was picky about bathrooms!

The Amazing And Unbelievable Family History Of Rhonda Whitney

RRP $16.99

. Rhonda Whitney is a bored ten-year-old girl who finds everything in her life to be exceedingly dull, and wishes for a more interesting family. . Rhonda's Parents: Are boring. . Rhonda's Grandparents: Are even more boring. . Rhonda's Aunt and Uncle: Are terribly boring, and also tell lots of jokes that aren't funny in the slightest. . Rhonda's Older Sister: Is away at college most of the time, where, as far as Rhonda can tell, she studies any number of things that are largely useless and also boring. One night, Rhonda's neighborhood is buried in a deep snow, the power goes out, and Rhonda decides to visit the attic. Come and explore the attic with Rhonda!"


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Motorcycle Rides BMW Ducati
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